Thursday, 10 October 2013

10 Fall Fashion Trends For 2013

It’s that time of year again…fall fashion is here and it’s time to share some of this year’s top trends.
But you won’t see any of the over-the-top, avant garde stylings here. There will be no models wearing peacocks sprouting from their shoulders or any metalic spare tires for a dress – nope, not here.
Sure those kinds of images are fun to look at for the photography and insight, but I want to provide you with useable inspiration.
So, I’ve put together a post of this fall’s 10 fashion trends broken down into styles you CAN actually wear. Okay, maybe you won’t wear a giant pair of scissors wrapped in yarn around your neck, but for the most part – you know what I mean.
So let’s get started!
Not wearing white after Labor Day went out as a fashion faux pas a long time ago. In fact, I wrote this post about it last year. That’s right…you can wear white year round, woohoo!!! So…break out all your white and be sure to put it to good use. This trend will be with us through winter and into spring.
Yes…grunge is back. But don’t worry…it’s not nececarilly as bad as it was in the 1990s. As with any fashion trend, you can sprinkle it on lightly or pour in on heavily. The ultimate decision is up to you. So I’ve picked some inspiration below with some grunge looks that I would wear.
Personally I don’t think hats are ever out of fashion. But this fall hats are going to be in, in, in! Not only rimmed hats like the ones shown below, but soft and luxurious knitted beanies and berets to keep you warm and looking fab are definitely going to be a must get item.
Sienna Miller

Layers, layers and more layers. Fourth on this list of fashion trends for this fall is also another favorite of mine…layering. I’m a big layerer anyway due to the constant changing weather here in the fall – cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, cold again at night. But now that layers are “in”, I’m going to have to put a couple extra ones in here and there for good measure!
The key to layering is making sure each layer is seen just a bit. Mix and match and play with this…your wardrobe should be fun!
Yes that’s right…oversized coats a going to be big this fall as well. Wear them open and loose, or cinch them with one of your favorite belts. Either way this trend is another fun one to play with.
Classic patterns like polka dots, stripes, houndstooth, plaid, herringbone, etc., are all going to be the “it” item to have this fall. Those of you like me who keep these items as staples…you’re set. Those who don’t, no worries. Just be sure to go out and get yourself stocked up!
Source Not Found

Yes Pantone selected a dazzling shade of blue for an “it” color, but that’s not the only color blue to focus on. All shades of blue are going to be a big hit for fashion this fall. So mix and match them together…and feel happy about being blue!
I’m really loving this trend as peplum has a way of taking an average outfit and kicking it up a few notches to absolutely fab!
And believe it or not, this style can actually do double duty. One, it’s a beautiful look and two, it can camoflage troublesome areas. Yep! If by chance you feel your waist isn’t small enough or perhaps you’re still bouncing back after baby, peplum is the perfect pretty cover-up. Regardless, I say own it. Beauty is confidence!
A month or so ago I wrote a post about Biker Chic being a big fall fashion trend for 2013. If you haven’t seen that post, have a look at it here. In addition to the biker styles, colored leather is going to be a big hit as well. And with as pretty as the inspirations below are, it’s no wonder!
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Source Not Found

Finally we have textures. Just as mixing patterns has become stylish, so has mixing textures. Or, if you want to keep it simple, just choose one texture. Either way, add some texture somewhere!
Ginta Lapina – Stockholm Streetstyle
And that’s it, 10 Fall Fashion Trends For 2013. But always remember, fashion is what you make it. Take this post as a guide and add your own personal flair to be on trend and the most unique you!

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